Xanik Pressure Seal Valves

Xanik Pressure Seal Valves

Product Overview

Pressure seal valve designs are available in gate, globe, swing check, stop check, lift check, tilting disc check valves are installed in a wide variety of services demanding high pressure/temperature applications like: main steam, reheat, feed water, catalytic reforming, as well as other applications in power, refining, petrochemical, and other process industries.

​​​The main design features of our pressure seal valves are:​​

Versatile adapting yoke with throughout bolts and nuts for easy maintenance.


Detachable yoke without affecting the body bonnet Joint.


Integral “T” head stem construction for packing and wedge auto aligning. 


Self-Aligning two pieces packing gland.


Flexible graphite packing with anti-extrusion rings for optimum seal ability and life. 


Live load (optional), that eliminate the potential for gasket leakage. 


Seal gasket, load ring withstand upward thrust of bonnet load; backing ring distributes pressure uniformly to load ring; metallic silver plated seal gasket provides tight closure Integral backseat, Stellite hard faced.


Flexible Wedge, fully guided, wedge and seats are hard faced with Stellite 6 or Tribaloy® T-900.

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